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Freeridin Full Throttle (Cha Cha)

In just a few more days, Stephanie and I will be opening our hearts to another Labrador puppy.

We’ll wait until we spend some more time with her before we settle on a name, but at the moment, we’re leaning toward calling her “Cha Cha” after a famous Top Fuel Drag Racer from the days of my youth - Shirley “Cha Cha” Muldowney. (If you don’t know about Cha Cha, drop on over to Block Buster and rent “Heart Like a Wheel.” It's a great movie with wonderful performances by Bonnie Bedelia and Jeff Bridges). If Cha Cha sticks as a name, I think her registered name will be Freeridin Full Throttle.

At the present time, my Field Trial complement includes: Ace, Buffy, Mootsie, and Zowie, whom you already know. It also includes Mazzie (Freeridin Maserati), an eight month old male from a repeat of the breeding that produced Mootsie (FC/AFC Code Blue x FC/AFC Trumarc’s Lean Cuisine). I will try to take some photos of Mazzie for you and post them up in the near future.

So why get another puppy?

Well, first of all, because I just like having a puppy in the house. Most people think I’m nuts - and if you’ve read through this website, you know I am - but, I love the way a puppy makes me feel about the world - fresh and new. Nothing is so calming after a long day as puppy breath and the lick of puppy tongue. I find the exuberance with which a puppy approaches the world excites and invigorates me. And I am fascinated with the process by which each of the many puppies I have raised grows into its own personality and body. Puppies also provide an outlet for the excess energy - and there is an abudance of it - that I have.

Probably just as importantly, I have been having a ton of fun putting together this website and thought it would be neat to document my ventures in puppy raising - and perhaps even write a book about the process afterwards.

I hope you’ll enjoy participating in our adventures with Cha Cha.

You must also have a ‘need for speed’ based on the names you pick for your pups. Just whelped a second litter for Judy of Blitz pups. The first litter had 8 puppies and she plopped them all out in about 5 hours – 5 in 2 hours and then a hour break and the last three in about another 2 hours. I, of course, thought she would do the same thing this time – nope 12 hours to deliver 5 pups… just another example of dogs doing the unexpected.
Pam Ingham - 12 02 05 - 08:13

She’s a little cutie. Good luck with her.
Howard Niemi (Email) - 13 02 05 - 22:02

Here’s a quote from your dog truck article. “However, I doubted that I would ever own more than four dogs.” Is Cha Cha number 6? When will you be ordering the 8, or will it be a 10, hole box? :) Addicted yet?
Howard Niemi (Email) - 13 02 05 - 22:16

Howard, I was thinking the other day about designing a new dog truck. And – as you know – addiction came to me long ago.

Ted (Email) - 14 02 05 - 03:17

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