03 29 05 357 W, 1 I - + 90 - 86

Lone Star Amateur Land Blind

This blind was a lot of fun. One of the most entertaining blinds I have run in a long while.

First, you pick up a short blind on the right. There are double trees on the right and a branch positioned on the left trunk. That is where the bird was. The dog had to jump over the branch in the foreground then drive to the double trunk.

Second, you take basically the same line. In the photo, you can see the blind planter standing above the bird. Line to the blind is over the near branch, over the far branch, to the right of the flyer crates. Then there are two goal posts. A dark green bush (angle back right from the flyer crates and another bush that is obscured by the left trunk of the double trees on the right edge of the photo.

Wind blowing hard from right to left. Flyer fall was on the left of the flyer crates.


Dogs did not want to repeat same line.
Dogs faded hard with wind.
Dogs sucked to the flyer falls.
Dogs hooked hard left after passing through goal posts and ran down cow trail.

Mootsie had good short blind
Mootsie had great initial line for long blind
She faded with wind. It took me three casts (diagonal, then over, then verbal over) before I got her to drive past the flyer crates, and through the goal posts.
She hooked hard left. I stopped her. Gave her right over - she went hard left. Stopped her again, went with low over with voice, more left and she was gone.

I had a good time though.
I was pleased that she took a great initial line to long blind with no muss, no fuss.
I was pleased that I was able to drive her through dog and bird scent of old falls (which I could not do in Open)
I could have been faster on the whistle once I got through the goal posts.

I think Mootsie is going to be a player.

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